Simply put our budget resources should be focused on:

  • Our classrooms and school buildings (including getting them ADA approved)
  • Professional development for our teachers
  • Leadership development for our principals

In-Fighting Among Leadership

We need a City Wide Vision for Educational Excellence: Quality & Equality, Collaborative Efforts, and Financial Health. Furthermore, we need to restore the public’s confidence in RPS by hearing the concerns of teachers, parents, and children alike.

I personally will demonstrate exemplary leadership of unity and mutual respect. I have experience working with various groups, organizations and ministries in East End. I'm the kind of leader that can bring together a diverse group of people towards a common goal. After serving for over 3 1/2 years we made progress in this area but there is still work to be done after the challenges of the 2012-2013 budget season.

Bellevue Elementary Closing

I want concerned parents and the community to know the conversations will continue. Rezoning(2012) has had some effect in actually revealing the over-crowding here in the East End of some  of our elementary schools. One plan recommends that Bellevue could be a part of the solution until a new elementary school is built. I know the importance of Bellevue to the community. Therefore I plan on continuing the conversation regarding its closing during my time on the School Board. Master Plan has provisions in it for Historic Sites and I believe Bellevue may qualify as such.

Retaining/Caring for Teachers

According to an NEA study teachers leave for three simple reasons, Too Little Support, No Respect, and Unfair Accountability. I will continue to develop ways to support and show appreciation to our teachers.

Additionally, as we continue to improve our schools, we need to be holding teachers to fair standards and giving them the tools and resources to be successful in thier profession.

Charter Schools

First I must state that as a School Board member I am committed to representing my constituent’s parents and students. Charter Schools usually foster a tremendous amount of parental and community involvement. For this reason, I was able to support Virginia's only elementary charter school. However we have to be careful about geographical bias in our school system. Where a charter school is located and who it serves must continue to be  carefully considered.

Most importantly, we cannot abandon our traditional public schools. I cannot overstate that Public Charter Schools are public schools that are community assets that cannot be taken for granted. I will be an advocate for continued improvement in all of our public schools. They should be able to  offer as many educational options that it takes to assure every child gets the education they deserve.

What will be your goals as a School Board Member?

Help to develop a City Wide Vision for Educational Excellence during my first term a Strategic Plan was completed with the help of hundreds of citizens. Let's see "the peoples' plan carried out!!

Restore the vital relationships between our schools, our homes and our community, exemplified in the Coleman Connection Strategy.

Be an advocate for all the voices of the 7th district. I will be a servant to those from Church Hill, Creighton Court, Fairfield, Court, Fulton Bottom, Fulton Hill, Mosby Court, Oakwood, Union Hill, and the many other diverse communities of Richmond’s East End.

Who do you support for Mayor/City Council/ School Board?

We have an opportunity to have a Mayor, City Council and School Board, that share in a common vision of educational excellence. I'm confident that you, the voters, will choose the right people to lead. I will support all those elected to office on Nov 6th, and I pledge to foster working relationships of collaboration and mutual respect.