Remember when the relationships between our schools, our homes and our community mattered?

Education was everyone's concern. Those wonderful connections have been lost for too long. Restoring them is required if we are to initiate lasting solutions to the many needs in our education system.

Several practical examples of The Coleman Connection Strategy:


homesParents need to be able to speak with their School Board representative to provide crucial feedback. The School Board needs to have more informal sessions with the public. I personally will be available to anyone who needs to be heard.




SchoolsAccording to the National Education Association one of the leading reasons teachers leave their positions is "too little support". The School Board and the community need to demonstrate support and appreciation for our wonderful teachers. I will create Teacher Appreciation Teams, made up of School Board officials and community members. These teams would have the single mission of showing teachers that they are respected, supported and vital members of our city.


Community Resources 

CommunityOur community has many excellent programs that enrich our children's lives. I want to promote these programs in the 7th District. I will encourage each school in my district to be "user friendly" with community partners. I have worked closely with the Office of School-Community Partnerships in making sure this is a reality. I have also served on various boards and committees such as Promise Neighborhoods, Greater Richmond's Chamber Education subcommittee and the initial group involved in making Chimborazo Elementary a Primary International Baccalaureate School.  I am invested in supporting our community partners here in the 7th and throughout RPS.

Teachers Organization Supports Don in 2008

Don Coleman received the endorsement of the Richmond Education Association(REA) in 2008 election.(Don did not seek endorsements in the 2012 election cycle choosing rather to run on his record as an incumbent School Board member.)

"I'm honored to received this endorsement. It means a lot to have the support of an organization representative of the honored teaching profession. I believe we really have a chance in the next few years to begin a new chapter in Richmond; where our schools, teachers and families are a focus of all those in leadership. I look foward to being a part of this new progress." Don Coleman on the past REA endorsement.