Pastor Don ColemanFull Name: Donald L. (Don) Coleman

Age: 51


  • Senior Consultant/Owner, A Level Up, Inc.
  • Co-Pastor East End Fellowship
  • Pastor at Large Church of the Nations
  • Residence: 507 Mosby Street, Richmond Virginia


Don Coleman is a community leader who passionately cares for the City of Richmond. He has a reputation of building vital connections within the City. He has a long history of working to promote growth and change within his community. Don lives with his wife and daughter in the East End of Richmond. 

Don believes success is possible for EVERY child. Don understands the challenges of coming from a disadvantaged background. He grew up in a foster home in the East End of Richmond. As a volunteer in the Virginia Heroes Program, Don has been a real-life role model to youth in overcoming challenges.

Don had a very successful career with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro-Richmond where he helped pioneer clubs in public housing. He worked side by side with parents, developing programming that was dynamic, academically focused and emphasized character development.  {mosimage}

Don has also spent years serving others through ministry. For several years he served in Creighton Court through Charity Family Life. He has been a member of the Richmond Hill Council, which has led partnership programs such as the Micah Initiative. He is Co-Pastor of East End Fellowship and serves on team at Church of the Nations.

Don serves as mentor to a group of about 20 families committed to seeing the East End become a diverse and thriving community. Quality neighborhood schools are central to their vision.